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Workplace/Event Chair Massage - Prices & Services


Chair Massage = A Healthy Workplace

$60 per hour plus travel charge

(10 free miles then $1 per mile)


I provide chair massage at the workplace, which is excellent for treating arm, hand, neck, shoulder and back pain and discomfort, as well as providing overall stress relief.  

Research studies have shown that such a service can improve employee alertness and productivity and decrease employee stress. 

Employers or self-employed individuals need only provide a space, preferably quiet and private, in which to set up a massage chair.  Employees typically pay the cost, which is often covered by wellness benefits or health savings accounts.  Employers may also cover or split the cost as well. 

Chair massage can be offered on an ongoing basis from weekly to monthly, and/or as part of employee appreciation or other special events. 

Chair massage may also be incorporated into meetings, conventions, and other events where a quick health break is appreciated by attendees.


PRICE:    $60 per hour plus travel charge (10 free miles then $1 per mile)



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