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What At Home Massage Clients Are Saying 

At-home massage is the ultimate luxury!  To end your session, relaxed and at ease, and to be already at home is truly wonderful.  Jill is a sensitive and effective massage therapist.  She checks for current areas of concern and remembers the traditional sensitivities you always experience. I always end a session relaxed and refreshed and renewed. - NC, a satisfied customer for four years

Jill gives the best massage I’ve ever had. It was heavenly! It created a rhythmic feeling of balance within that actually lulled me to sleep.  - Chris W., Portland

My mother is 95-years-old and has her aches and pains as well as moderate Alzheimer's. My sister and I recently got her a Jill massage and she remembers it fondly four days later!  - LA, daughter of 75 State Street (Portland) resident

My back felt a LOT better and that was after only one session. - Carl W, Landscaper 

After receiving a vigorous (or gentle) massage from Jill, I can roll off the massage table into my very own couch or bed. No fumbling for car keys or totally re-dressing. No need to wake up to drive home. Nothing not to like about this arrangement. Thank you, Jill!  - Lois T., Portland, four-year customer

Workplace Chair Massage

It's important to take a reprieve from the stress and routine of work and use a break to help your body and mind rejuvenate. I find that a chair massage is a healthy adjunct to a busy day and restores my energy, focus and sense of well being.  - JFM, MEMIC chair massage employee 

The shoulder pain I've had for years is finally gone!  You return to work refreshed and more focused.  I think everyone should try it [massage]. - Beth W 



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